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What our 
Clients Say
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Hudson Valley Adoption Services and 
our incredible staff - 

According to Birth Parents: 

"Laurie did my adoption over 8 years ago and I have to say that at that time 

she was able to fulfill my needs without me truly knowing what they were. 

She was supportive and honest and didn't sugar-coat the situation. She was able

to get me a post-communication agreement that made me feel super comfortable

with the adoption and the situation at the time. She has forwarded and made every

effort even today to make sure that I get any and all information about my son.  

I am so blessed to have found her and to have had the chance for her to complete

my adoption."

- Nadine, Birth Mother

Lorraine and Kacey

"The hudson valley adoption agency is amazing.  They helped me when I decided that giving my son to an absolutely wonderful couple who couldn't have kids was what I needed to do.  The agency was there for me from the first time I called until today which is 2 and a half years after I had my son.  Laurie and Ginny are amazing and made sure everyone was comfortable and the whole process was understanding.  When I went to the hospital to have the baby they were there the whole time along with the adoptive parents.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about adoption.  For both birth moms and adoptive parents."

                                 -Sandra, Birth Mother to Kai

According to Adoptive Parents:


"As an employee of the agency, I'm used to seeing adoptions from the other side.  Now that my husband and I have adopted our daughter, I know there is no other team I would rather have on our side!  It's great to know that they always have the best interests of every member of our family in mind."          - Erin, Adoptive Mom to Lydia

Adoptive Families
Three Generations of Women

"Our experience with Hudson Valley Adoption Services was a very positive one.  We were connected with HVAS through our wonderful adoption attorney.  Though we didn't live close by, HVAS was willing to travel half way to meet with us to learn more about us.  They were friendly and professional and made us feel comfortable. 
They respected what we were open to in terms of situations, but also reached out to us to ask if we were interested in a situation that was outside of those parameters that they thought we might be a good fit for.  That ended up being the perfect situation for us, and through them, we were matched with out twin boys, one of whom has Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome was very unexpected and something we didn't think we were open to, but we are so thankful we said yes to this beautifully unexpected situation. 
HVAS put in a lot of work to us with the complex adoption subsidy process that special needs adoption placements qualify for. 
We now have a beautiful open adoption with our twin's birth family.  We live roughly 2 1/2 hours apart and see them every 2-3 months.  They come to the boys' birthday parties and we travel to them for various events when we can.  We have Christmas pictures taken together every year and view each other as an extension of our families.  Open 
adoption is a relationship and takes work, but I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love that our boys will always know their story and that they were placed into our family with love and to give them more. 
We are so thankful and incredibly blessed to have our family grown through adoption with the help of the team at Hudson Valley Adoption Services." 
                       - Jess, Adoptive Mom 
                                 to Asher and Lucas

“21 years ago I had to give up

my baby girl for adoption.  

Kacey, my daughter, 

contacted  me 2 years ago.

I had been  waiting for her 

since the day I gave birth to

her.  I can't  remember what 

my life was like before that

date.  Her mom, Cindy, and I

absolutely adore each other.

Upon us all meeting, the

bond was immediate. I moved

to TX 8 years ago, and I've

flown back many, many times, spending a lot of time with

Kacey and Cindy.  couldn't 

have asked for Kacey to 

have better parents.  Thank you, 


–Lorraine, Birth Mother


"HVAS was amazing 
throughout the entire 
process of adopting our 
daughter.  From the first
time we walked into the
office as a nervous 
potential adoptive couple, 
to the moment we brought 
our baby girl home, and 
beyond!   Great
professional, and wonderful
and caring staff!" 

- Sara, Adoptive Mom to Meadow

Lydia and her brother, Micah
"Going through the adoption
journey you hear a lot about
people's experiences.  Some
good, some bad...it makes 
you nervous about your own
journey.  Had I known my own experience would have gone 
as EXCELLENT as it did 
would have had so many less
sleepless nights (before my
daughter came, anyway).  I felt
so informed every step of the
process and so comfortable 
with everybody in the agency.
There was always at least one... 
If not two representatives with
me through the entire process 
in the hospital, during ICPC and
during the finalization process.
I'm  eternally grateful."

- Wendy, Adoptive Mom to
Asher, Lucas, and their parents
"From start to finish the experience we had with Hudson Valley Adoption Services was
amazing and life changing.  Their experience in the adoption process gave us the calm
and confidence we needed to get through milestone after milestone of the pre-adoption, adoption and post adoption process and resulted in the most perfect of matches with
our son.  Words cannot describe the joy he has brought to our lives and the lives around
us and none of it would have been possible without Hudson Valley Adoption Services
and the amazing staff there - Laurie and Ginny were incredible and we will always be
thankful for their help in making us a family." 
- Debra, Adoptive Mom 
Our goal is to provide your family with the highest quality of attention, care, and professionalism throughout your Adoption Journey.  We are pleased to hear any and all feedback.