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Frequently Asked Questions

All About Adoption:  What is adoption?

Adoption creates a new legal parent-child relationship in the adoptive family with all of the rights and responsibilities of a biological parent-child relationship.

All About Adoption: Different Types of Adoption

      Domestic Adoption: Sometimes children are adopted directly from their birth families using the services of adoption attorneys or adoption agencies to make sure that the legal requirements are met. Usually, the child's biological family chooses the adoptive family, and decides how much future contact the original family will continue to have with the newly created family.  In New York domestic adoption may be agency adoption or private placement (Independent) adoption.  In New York, only an approved adoption agency may match birth parents with a prospective adoptive family and take custody of the child for placement with that family.  Click here to learn about HVAS Domestic Adoption Services


   Intercountry or International Adoption: Orphans from other countries can be adopted by American parents or vice versa with the approval of the governments of both countries.


   Relative or Intra-family Adoption:  Children are sometimes adopted by their stepmothers, stepfathers, aunts, uncles or grandparents, if one or both of their parents cannot take care of them. These adoptions also need the assistance of licensed adoption professionals to make sure that legal requirements are met.


    Domestic Adoption from State Foster Care:  Many children in the community need new families because they are growing up in temporary situations that can change at any moment. These children are all ages and races, some with health problems and some with none.  Having suffered losses, these children need new parents who are committed to helping them make the transition to a permanent adoptive home and to develop the optimism and hope that a permanent family can offer.

   Cost of Adopting

Adopting can cost almost nothing, and it can cost $30,000 or more. The Federal Government has published detailed information about the many kinds of adoption costs at the child welfare information gateway:  www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/s_cost/


   Domestic private agency adoptions: Licensed private agencies charge fees that include the costs for birth parent counseling, adoptive parent home study and training, the mother and child's living and birth expenses, and post-placement supervision until the adoption is finalized.

    Domestic Private/independent adoptions:   Adoptive families who pursue independent adoptions can spend $30,000 or more depending on fees charged by their attorney, the birth parents' attorney and the medical and living expenses of the mother and child.

     Intercountry adoptions: Fees for international adoption include agency fees, dossier and immigration processing fees, and court costs. However, there may be additional costs for the following:

    • Child Foster Care;
    • Adoptive parents' travel and in-country stay to process the adoption abroad;
    • Escorting fee;
    • Child's medical exams, care and treatment.