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Frequently Asked Questions

Empowerment Through Personal Choice


I'm so confused!

What assistance can I receive?

Can I receive pre-natal care?

Can I talk to a counselor or therapist?

Are there any fees?

Does the father have rights?

Is Open Adoption for me?

Do I need my parents' consent?

Will you help me find the right family?
What If the baby is already born?
Will the baby go to foster care?

Is adoption the right choice?

Ask yourself:

  • Can I feed, clothe, house, comfort, discipline, teach and love a child at this time in my life?
  •  Will I have anyone I can really depend on to help me?
  • Can I put my child's needs before my own? 


What Adoption Assistance Can I Receive?

Free counseling, free legal representation, and reasonable assistance with living expenses during your pregnancy and shortly after the child's birth.   


Can I Receive Prenatal Medical Care?

Yes!  Prenatal and postnatal medical care is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your child throughout your pregnancy. 

Talking to an Adoption Counselor or Therapist

Each woman's situation is unique.  If you wish to talk to a confidential counselor now, please call us at (845) 338-0700, or you may email us at nyadoptionagency@gmail.com or text us 24/7 at (305) 775-8340.    

Do I Have to Pay any Fees?

 No.   Services are free of charge to birth parents.  


Does the Father of the Baby have Rights?

If the parents of a baby are making the adoption plan together, the father can participate equally in the process and have his own communication agreement.  In order to stop an adoption, the father must assume full parenting responsibilities.  If he fails to do so, he can lose his parental rights.  If the identity of the father is unknown, we can still proceed with an adoption plan.        


If I Decide on Adoption, Will you Help me Choose the "Right" Family?

Yes!  Our program is about your empowerment through personal choice.  You may learn about carefully screened waiting families by reading their adoption profiles, seeing their photos, communicating by telephone, as well as meeting them in person. You may choose an open or confidential adoption.

Is Open Adoption for Me?

    • Open Adoption:    There is more than one kind of open adoption. Some open adoptions include the exchange of names and addresses, and periodic in-person visits after adoption.  An open adoption can feel like the merger of two families around the best interest of the child. 
    • Closed Adoption:  You may prefer to have no contact with the adoptive family before or after the adoption.  In such cases, HVAS will request annual photos and letters for its files and you are free to request them in the future.    

Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy Help

A parent who is a minor has the authority to consent to the adoption of her/his child.  The consent is valid and has the same force and effect as if you were an adult parent.  If you are age 14 or younger, or if you, yourself are a child in foster care, ask us about special rules.    


Can I Make an Adoption Plan if My Baby is Already Born?

YES!   The same rules apply.      


Will my Baby go to Foster care?

NO!   Your baby can go home directly with the adoptive parents.   


Can I Name My Baby?

Yes.   You may name your baby at the hospital.  The adoptive parents may give the baby a new name upon completion of the adoption.  You may wish to share the name you have chosen with the adoptive parents so that they can share it with the child in the future. Sometimes birth and adoptive parents decide to choose the name together. 


Can I Change My Mind During the Adoption Process?

Yes. You can change your mind about placing your baby for adoption any time before signing the consent for adoption.   If you change your mind within 30 days after signing the adoption consent, a judge will decide what parenting plan is in the child's best interest.     


What Happens After the Adoption?

HVAS offers post-adoption counseling for as long as you need it.  We are here to help you feel emotionally and psychologically healthy.  In most cases, birth parents and adoptive parents will communicate and visit directly with each other or through the agency about how and what the child is doing as he/she grows from baby to young adult.  Some birth and adoptive families establish lasting relationships so that the child can continue to know his/her birth family.  Most women experience a great deal of comfort knowing the child is in a loving, secure, financially stable adoptive family, selected by them.     

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