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What is an Adoption Home Study? 

The single most important tool in your adoption readiness arsenal is the Adoption Home Study.  Until the Adoption Home Study is complete, a prospective adoptive family may not lawfully be considered qualified to adopt.  When you are “home study ready” you can be confident about evaluating whatever adoption opportunity comes your way.  You can become part of an adoption plan that suits you without delay.


Adoption laws require a home study for all non-relative placements, and for some relative placements as well.

For international placements, Federal Government regulations contain specific requirements for an adoption home study.

For domestic adoption placements within the United States, individual state laws and regulations set forth the requirements of that state. 


A favorable New York adoption home study is required as a comprehensive pre-screening of a prospective adoptive home and family.   The adoption home study is relied upon by adoption agencies, attorneys, judges, and state and foreign governments.

The New York Adoption Home Study is conducted in the applicant's home community and includes:

  • A home visit, with all household members present for interview by a licensed professional or agency caseworker;

  • Documentation of identity, income, employment, health, marital status, and personal references; and

  • Record checks of criminal and abuse history.

The adoption home study also evaluates an applicant's understanding of the adoption process and its lifelong implications within a family.

Adoption education and training for Prospective Adoptive Parents is usually required as part of the NY adoption home study process.


The NY Adoption Home Study is summarized in a report about the prospective adopting family.  The report concludes with a recommendation for the placement of an adoptive child or children into the home.

At this point, a favorable recommendation qualifies a family for the placement of a child.

After an adoptive child is in the home, the post-placement stage includes visits over a period of several months, and preparation of status reports about the child's health and development and the family's adjustment.

Most courts require post placement reports before an adoption may be legally finalized.


How do I go about getting a New York Adoption Home Study started?


If you are a prospective adoptive family residing in Eastern New York State,  contact us to discuss what kind of adoption you are contemplating, and we will help you determine the kind of home study you need.